Portland – Gotta Love it!

Ashley and I arrived a couple of days ago and I am absolutely diggin on Portland. The feel here is relaxed, green and seemingly full of love. Had the chance to hit up a couple of venues run by the McMenamin brothers – the Kennedy School (an old elementary school transformed into a pub and entertainment venue including a soaking tub, restaurants & bars featuring their own specialty brews and wines… delightful). Last night walked over to the Bagdad Theater (a short walk from Ash’s new place here in Hawthorne) to watch a Woody Allen film for three bucks while drinking a local IPA and snacking on a tuna sandwich on the balcony of the theater while sitting in a loveseat… awesome idea, chill and unbeatable so far…

Still have a few more days here and will try my best to soak it up… my writing has gotten exponentially more intense and real since I arrived which feels cathartic (misspelled?) and healthy.

Lots of love from Oregon.

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