Sharing in Absolute Love

Last night I spoke with a long time girl friend that I have known for a good 14 years… Life has taken us in different directions yet we still seem to have similar trials… I found myself telling her all of the things that I know I should adhere to as well. About being good to yourself, about making sure that you are healthy before extending your self to another person. About taking the time to stand on your own, to learn about your own soul, develop your thoughts on your own, to be strong and aware of who you are, without relying on a man to fill in the gaps. About the glory of being a woman and how it is essential to not take the freedom we have in our generation, here in America, for granted. That life is full of endless possibilities and there are so many options available at any given time. To not worry too much about trying to compromise or adjust within a relationship if there are fundamental differences that just don’t jive. To not focus too much on the future and just focus on what is happening right now. To surround your self with positive energy in your best environment where you feel the most love. To listen to the inner voice as there is always a reason when you hear it. Most importantly to keep striving for honesty in both mind and heart as good will be inevitable. Great love will come but only after Great love is found within your own soul…   

The beauty about interacting with others is that you are able to have a conversation. Specifically when you are surrounding yourself with those who are worthwhile, that have attributes that compliment yours so you can continue to learn and vice versa. To be able to flow in a conversation about love and life and being is very special… to share a part of you, right now, with another is absolute love. 

I am so blessed to have such incredible women in my life. They are beautiful souls that I learn and grown with each time we interact. Just writing this brings such warmth and love for them, my self and life.

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