The Cycle

when we open up and share

when we open up and care

when we start the affair

when we’re naked and bare

in the lovely night’s air

when we decide we are a pair

we’ll embrace and hug like a bear

we’ll be so aware

of each other and our welfare

until one day the dream turns into a nightmare

out of nowhere

and you declare its all in the name of warfare

as you step on my toe and pull my arm hair

as I try to sleep in my comfy nightwear

you exchange a glower for a loving stare

I know it is you speaking from dispair

but I have to leave before before it gets there

you know where I mean and I must prepare

so I run as fast as I can up the stairs

I get on my knees and I say a little prayer

and soon it is over and you say its unfair

that I can just walk away in my old footwear

letting down my bunned long blond hair

trying my best to let go and repair

my dearest true soul and take it elsewhere

beyond where it has been, creating a new lair

where I can be whole again, starting in a new square

eventually I will love again and forget the dispair

I’ll sit in another single armchair

until it is time to share another set of cookware

when others look and say what a great couple they’re

and it all starts again when I am brave and take up the dare

I’ve learned my best not to compare

so I’ll let it be love, precious and rare.

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