The Puppet – Sarah Palin

I wrote this back on Sept 13th and thought I had published it…

Mccain is using palin as his puppet. she has obviously been coached on what to say when doing a solo interview. this is utterly obvious. he has chosen his young firey running mate who hasnt been exposed to washington so that she can do his dirty work. She will do his dirty work as well, she will take on that bitch role while mccain still maintains a nice guy image and keeps his reputation. he is too far into it now to change and go against his “Friends” and colleagues, he has watched it go on for years and years without doing anything. he needs someone like palin to come in and fight.

she is like a loaded gun, quoted saying that “we cannot second guess” and that we “cannot even blink” when making a decision, even one concerning war.

She is a perfect example of why big corporations give young aduts such opportunity in leadership. She will do whatever they ask her to do, following their direction completely not thinking about it. She will do this because she hasn’t been exposed to the rreasons why not to… she will do it because she is the hometown sweetheart and will do her best in anything she does… in this case as a republican politician running for the vice president of the united states. totally underexposed… totally immature in regards to worldly affairs. Totally lead.

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