This is crap

How is it that the wealthier Americans who have absolutely benefited during Bush’s reign are now denying that they did actually benefit and that they should buck up and help out now. Obviously the government has been hand in hand with the major corporations in the past 8 years, so much so that they allowed corporations to actually govern and decide what was best for the US by throwing money at corrupt politicians who let it slide as they were also getting in on the cut.

How can they deny this? Of course they can. Right? If you are educated enough to know how the system works and how to get your cut out of it… The idea of investing so that your money will make money for you- which obviously is a lot easier when you have money to begin with (hence the big corporation and shareholder ties). Or by picking up the National BestSeller by Robert Kiyosaki illustrating how to become incorporated so that one can exploit government loopholes, avoid paying taxes and in turn become wealthy.

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