Still Dancing

Just keep on dancing

and all will be alright

release yourself of worry

no time for an internal fight

just enjoy the music

and dance tonight.

The wind may blow

the rain may fall

just spin with it

open up to hydration

embrace it all!

Don’t think of stopping

but feel free to pause

take a moment to catch your breath

but get back out there

and keep grooving!

All night long

no stress, no afflictions

just feel the beat through you

let your body get a movin’!

It’s in that moment

where freedom is found

so liberate your soul

no need to let yourself down

no need to hold back

you can even close your eyes

if it feels right

but don’t have a concern

and leave behind all your cares!

Just keep on dancing

find your groove

keep on dancing

bodies are meant to move!

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