A Poem: A Love Gone By

There are days that I think I’m over you

where you enter my mind just a time or two

then all of a sudden I’m hit real blue

I wish I knew what to say but I haven’t a clue. 

I miss you – I have since I left two full years ago. 

I’m trying my best to catch my own wave at my own flow. 

I’ve grown a lot since the days in my youth

you were always so much wiser and could see the truth. 

I wasn’t there yet so I pushed us both away

I did stupid things nearly every single day 

that didn’t help out in our endeavor

I look back now and can’t believe I ever

acted foolishly like a baboon

with a drink in my hand working the room. 

I was so out of touch – no wonder I couldn’t see you

in your honest and gentle ways that only you knew. 

I wish I’d have known then what I have learned up to now

I’d like to think we’d still be together folding towels. 

It seems silly that I haven’t really moved on

I’ve kept up the charade but I’m not foolin’ a one.

You said we’re like a bad Jack Johnson song

I’m sorry I’ve been so utterly wrong. 

I’ve often questioned how to teach someone who just doesn’t know, 

I still don’t know the answer other than to take it slow. 

You have patience unlike anyone I’ve ever met

and you are still the coolest person I’ve run into yet. 

So how do I recover from all of my mistakes?

I’m shedding my masks now leaving no room to hide nor fake. 

Would you want to know me as I am today?

Would you care what I think or have to say?

Have you written me off or do you remember me on a rainy day?

I love you still – You are a part of me

it’s because of you that I can finally see.

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