A Ship Called Boxcar

On a ship called “Boxcar”, we did sail

from the southern tip of the US

into the deep teal blue ocean

hosted by situational pirates drinking whiskey and ale

harmless and generous folks sporting dreads

in need of love and a bit hesitant

I opened myself up and eventually they did too

as we snorkeled in tandem

observing the underwater world

of swaying plant life,

fish long yellow and black

as well as low swimming huge colored an electric blue

a squall came our way

an opaque veil of rain had covered the view

they all hit the deck – seeking cover

but I kept my place

wanting to feel the intensity 

I sat it out

a peace came over me

as the sailboat was tossed around

as the rain pounded down

it was confirmed in that moment

that all things do pass…

and if I could make it through this

I could weather anything coming my way,

as I journey down my path

following my internal compass –

the squall moved on, the sun shone bright

my eyes forever changed

I’ve gained new sight

that will continue to lead me

towards the light.

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