In hope for more

so here i am
where i thought i would be
but not how i want it to be
not feeling quite like my best me
sure i can make it work
sure i can morph and transform
not really my thing these days
not at all
so change is in the air again
oh yes again indeed
there is always a reason for the wind
surely enough the breeze is picking up speed
its not due to lack of opportunity for money
for making a life in the wine country
but its just not me
perhaps it was before
but i’ll never know
lifetimes away from now

i am blessed with incredible gifts
of seeing things as they are
with the ability to follow my bliss
to redefine and forecast
in ways beyond my comprehension
manifestations of dreams
all of them from my past
the same one that led me here
but i am no longer that
so now i guess its time to dream again
to make smaller steps
to build the foundation
to continue my climb
my growth
all or none or so it seems
take it or leave it
these incredible dreams
but for now…
for now…
for now…
just looking for simple happiness
simple truths
yet yearning for a bit of a steady home
which i can make happens when i choose
but the wind keeps on blowing
my mind keeps expanding
and my heart… oh my heart… it keeps me moving

i am a feeler with incredible intuition
aware in so many ways
yet a novice to it all
not knowing how to really harness it
so move i must
thats all i seem to know right now
move until i feel it
hopefully someday that feeling will sustain

to leave one reality for another in hopes of something better…

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