Bubble Time-Lapse

You drew me in

as I pulled you too

like a magnet to the metal

like a fish to the choral

I wanted to share my bubble time-lapse

I sat upon your lap

I closed all noticeable gaps

wrapped my body around yours

embracing every physical contour

we closed our eyes

let our energy build like a city high rise

the sunrise began slow and it opened our skies


yet someone from outside

interrupted with redeyes and whys

I asked politely that they be quiet and just stand by

they didn’t understand but reluctantly complied

after I explained that the moment needed to happen first

where its natural and unrehearsed 

so we can totally be submersed

letting the love and energy quench our thirst


we won’t need any drugs

we’ll be high from our hugs

we’ll dance all night in the grass or on the rug

while chasing around the flashing lightening bugs

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