Creating a Tribe

Feeling connected is one thing that I know is essential in my life, and I am sure for almost all human beings. When I consciously connect and create community around me, I end up not just collecting people together, but creating a full on tribe. I’ve entered tribes in the past, I’ve helped form them, and currently my Sydney tribe is just so lovely full of mums and bubs where we all have each other’s backs and it feels great.

Feeling like I belong is highly important to my well being. I never fully fit in, hence why I usually end up forging my own groups, but sometimes it so nice to just be around others without actually doing anything with them.

For instance, studying with someone else nearby who is also studying, makes the process so much easier. Working on a project when someone else is also working on it, makes my focus much stronger. Recently I put a call out to the Lovely Ladies with Beautiful Babies asking if anyone just wanted to sit and watch me do the mundane task of organising my closet while our bubs played. I sent out the request on our group page the night before, and by the next afternoon I had a third of them rock up at my house in support! I love that, it made me feel so good, so supported, my tribe totally showed up!