Dean Potter

Today I learned of a Yosemite icon passing away


doing what he loved doing

climbing the granite walls he spent so many years getting to know.

I met him really only once or twice

The most recent time was a few years ago

at a Climbing week in the park

He was humble, he got so much flack for getting sponsored for making money to do what he loved.

He was so drunk, didn’t really know how to handle being out and about

or maybe it was just all too much, who knows, I don’t. Drunk in Yosemite is commonplace, it is.

He was a hero though.

He broke records, he did the impossible, he was a true trailblazer in all senses.

He would free climb without any ropes up the massive walls of the valley

He would base jump in a flying squirrel like suit soaring down back to earth

An adventurer, someone who always pushed it

It’s no surprise that someone who always goes hard burns out in one way or another

dying while doing some extreme sport isn’t something new

However, I feel the loss of Dean Potter.

The image of the helicopter with body bags tied to the end of the rope

flying past Half Dome is with me.

May he rest in peace and may others still be inspired by his courageousness.