Einstein’s Light

Everything is about the light

striving every day to live right.

I take Einstein’s light to mean so much more

like living life without keeping score. 

Listening to the interpretation of time and space

while watching the expressions formed on your face.

Slowing it down and talking about time

creates an awareness in my mind. 

I love that you make me think

about relations and the importance of being in sync. 

Dipping in space as our world revolves around us

this helps me to understand karma and the little stuff. 

If you live by this idea you’re bound to know whats good

while funneling your energy to be understood. 

So my world really does revolve around me,

this realization finally allows me to breathe. 

I have control of the good, bad and neutral that comes my way,

the responsibility is mine and I know it will be okay. 

This idea makes incredible sense

now I can hurdle my mental fence.

So if we keep giving all of our love

we’re sure to rise up to the plane above 

creating a unique world within space and time

never being restricted, limited or confined. 

Searching for our own truths while we’re here together

In our own little dip now and possibly forever.

Forgetting about “things” and focusing within

while living simply we’re bound to win. 

Together you and me

will finally know what its like to finally be free.

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