Heartburn I Loathe You

Yes, this entire post is dedicated to heartburn.

I understand from researching it that heartburn is something that effects some 2/3rds of pregnant women. I also understand it’s from a surge of hormones coupled with a continuing diminishing of space inside of my body to make room for the baby and it’s growth. Okay, fine.

What I don’t understand is the reason why we get heartburn anyway. I already know I can only eat small meals through out the day. I already know that my organs are making way because it’s harder for me to be move around and bend. I already know how this is, so what is the biological signal this is flagging?

When pain is triggered it is a flag to stop doing whatever you’re doing. I get this, it makes sense. But heartburn? Really?

I read ways to try to minimize it which included not to lay down, bend, and not eat much. Okay. Okay. As for remedies milk doesn’t seem to help for too long, I am not usually an over the counter medicine person but now I’m hitting the antacid liquid like it’s my job, I don’t even really mind the thickness nor the strong licorice taste now because I know it brings some relief and I find comfort in that.