Pregnancy Yoga and Flexibility

Youtube is a rich source of great information. I use it for so many reasons including exercise. Now that I’m pregnant I’ve come to find the niche of Pregnancy Yoga and Pregnancy Pilates. These are like godsends. Short and compact exercise routines that I can just pop on and follow along to. I’ve practiced enough of both Yoga and Pilates to feel confident in my poses and in how I am supposed to hold my body and my breath, so following along with some beautiful pregnant woman is great.

I did get a little cocky and thought that since I handled those butterfly stretches so well, that I’d be able to easily handle painting my own toe nails this evening. Shaking my head. This must be where some things translate and convert easily and then others are drastically different and it’s just not going to be the same, like when you try to freeze cheese and it comes out clumpy but you can freeze soup and it’s all good. Horrible example, but I’m on the cheese end.

Although I did manage to paint my own toenails, I also enticed a ridiculous amount of heartburn because I was bending so much to be accurate with my polish. Was it worth it? I’m not exactly sure at this moment because I’m sitting here typing with terrible heartburn that feels like it is corroding my entire throat even after a big swig of antacid. Yay!

I am glad though that I am flexible enough to still be able to do it, if it weren’t for the heartburn I would have a much better outlook onto this. Thankfully my years of paying attention to my body have paid off in some ways.

Thankfully my husband was kind enough to finish off the second coat of my toenail polish. He’s definitely my one.