Internal Storm

Sometimes I get into this funk, where the storm comes, I feel emotional, raw, and slightly bitter. I feel like I am doing what I ought to be doing and for some reason life isn’t going my way. This doesn’t happen all too often but when it does, it really sucks. I feel like right now I may be in that.

So if I were talking to a friend, I would ask them how they are supporting and nurturing themselves when they aren’t feeling supported and nurtured by the universe. I would ask what they are doing to bring joy, are they sleeping enough, are they eating well? Have they found ways to laugh and stop in wonder of nature? Have they talked it out, vented, expressed this in some way so they can move through it? For me personally I have felt the lack of support and over giving from me to others in a big way, and even found a tick on my face this morning, a sure sign from the universe that I am giving more than I am receiving.

If I ask myself all of these things, I realise that i am not sleeping enough, I do not feel supported and I am in need of personal support myself. I need to have some body work, some time alone to nurture my creativity. I need to have some time by my self, alone to just be in my own energy. I need to find ways to laugh, by watching a comedy, or listening to stand up. I need to focus on the positive of my situation and really reach for the appreciation and gratitude of what is going on right now in my life. These are all things I need to do to restore my own personal balance. I need help and support to do these, so I must ask for that help. When I feel depleted, it doesn’t help anyone.

So by focusing on these things, I know it will create a change in my attitude, and I will return to my natural sunny disposition. This is my goal. This will be my way.