Lottery Dreams

How many people get caught up in the dream of winning the lottery? Millions obviously since so much money is spent on them each day. It’s a slippery track. To think that one fell swoop will solve all the problems.

I honestly don’t think that my life would change that much if I won the lottery. I would just have more to give and my lifestyle would be better, but overall, I am still at the core who I am and that isn’t going to change.

The best way is to keep progressing, to keep working on projects, on life, and not put anything on hold in the hopes of winning the lottery. However, if I just start doing what I want if I did have that amount of money, then my life will transform into that anyway.

So for instance, if I want to have fresh healthy foods, then I will start my own garden. If I want to feel a bit of luxury, I will exchange the soft goods in my house so that they are of a better quality. If I want to feel more sophisticated in my clothes, I can either go out and buy something new, or I can do my best to create a dress myself with fabric that makes me feel good. If I am looking for more time to create, then I need to schedule it and ask someone else to watch bub while I do what I need. If I am looking to give back to others, then I need to create a program to help them, even if I don’t have the money to donate, I can offer a way to help their lives improve. All of this is within my reach. All of it. It’s only that winning the lottery would fast track it.

Also I really need to let go of the idea of buying the farm, it only frustrates me and that does nothing positive for my attitude nor my mental health right now due to the feeling of being so limited. I need to work through this and just accept that it’s not going to happen and move on to continuing with my own life that I have created with my own family.