How to Live Fully

It wasn’t always easy. I come from a family who were technically entrepreneurs but not in a legal way, if you get my drift. Somewhere in me was a drive to know I was different and a drive to help others. I’ve always known I was meant to help others. I have tried on various ways of helping others like working in hotels for many years, or volunteering for different philantrophic causes. I have most recently formed a tight circle of new mothers and together we all help one another.


I still ask myself questions all the time about what my focus will be, should be, needs to be. I’ve been all over the board. I have meditated a lot in my life, I have reinvented myself numerous times, I have tried just about every style of yoga that exists, along with Pilates, I have a University education, I was a career woman who worked for a corporation for a good nine years, I have lived in National Parks, I have been vegan for more than a year, I had years where I drank and tried various drugs, I have most recently not drank alcohol for the last 4+ years, and somehow married a chicken farmer and had a child. I have been super naïve and gave away everything I owned and moved to a foreign country, technically twice. I’ve been in a major car accident and have broken my face requiring a handful of surgeries and countless hours of physio and pilates to get my body back in order. I have been a total loner, I have been in a group of friends, I have been in total love, I have had despairing heartbreak, I have been mentored on astrology and numerology. I love learning about the chakras and how energy works. I rise to the top in whatever field I am in, I am an enthusiastic learner and with a mentor or guide I become a super bright and shining star. I definitely dance like no one is watching, I sing out loud, I make handmade cards, I sew my own dresses from time to time, I paint, I make really tasty healthy home cooked meals, I do people’s hair and makeup, I really just live life as fully as I can all the time.


How to live fully? Always do what feels the best. Period. That’s it. Tune in, listen to your body and go with it. I know my body tells me what it likes and doesn’t. I keep a clean diet so I can hear and feel it easily. Always love. Take int eh details. If you get too far distracted in some monkey thought, when you realize it, bring your attention back to right now, feel the air on your skin, feel the keys under your fingers, taste the saliva in your mouth, listen in around you to the breeze, the birds, the rain, whatever is around. When you notice that you are getting distracted again, just do the same thing, bring your senses back to now, again and again and again. It’s a form of meditation, a form of meditation that will eventually train your mind to focus on what is happening right now, to focus on the present situation, which alleviates and worrying about the future, or any lamenting over the past. Its in this moment right now that everything is just fine, everything is actually quite perfect. It’s all about feeling what feels the best, staying focused in the moment right now and that is how to live life fully. Engage with what is in front of you at this moment right now. It sounds super simple, because honestly it is. Be happy and grateful for where you are right now. If that’s hard and not easily coming to you, of course, reflect on a memory, or visualize something better, as long as it feels good, feels joyous. Do this until you come to realize that the moment you are in is that, it is good, it is joyous. It’s all about patterns. All of life is about patterns. It just takes one moment at a time, with all the moments strewn together to really transform life. You don’t have to do a major bold move like I did, you can be more subtle, learn from how I’ve operated and choose perhaps an easier path.


I wouldn’t’ change my path for anything though. I have had an incredible journey in life thus far. It’s been crazy, and I’ve met all kinds of beautiful souls along the way. Thankfully I have the ability to wear rosy glasses most of the time and that helps to taint my view in a positive way. It’s all good. That’s the thing, it’s all always good.