Location and ReJoining

Perhaps if you were to return to a location that you had once lived, where you were a different person and you understand that the nostalgic part of it is just that, then it could be successful. Ways to make it successful would be to acknowledge that you are indeed a different person, the place itself, even if it does seem the same at first glance, is also different. There’s no way that any of it is the same as it was, especially if time has passed since living there.

Perhaps taking the stance of embodying the new you, the new role you’ll be playing as you reenter would be helpful. Creating new contacts and a new sense of community could also be very helpful. The thing is anything you create when you return, would be more aligned with who you are and who you are becoming. Of course, feel out the old ways you used to live as well to see if they resonate, but do not get stuck in the slippery slope of nostalgia, and choose based on now.

It would take more will power and probably more discipline, but it’s entirely possible, to rejoin with a location that you had left, and together, make something entirely new and better.