debilitating thoughts of perfectionism

of someone else’s point of view

internalized and accepted

oddly enough as our own

somehow thinking that others are better

always feeling a bit inadequate

for reasons that aren’t ours

searching for perfection

when its already here

everything is just as it should be

we are as we are meant

as perfect as the flowers and the trees

as the honey that’s collected

as the changing colors of fall leaves

everything is as it should be

time to let go

that view of perfectionism

is outdated, antiquated and detrimental

to a whole self… a whole being

a whole soul

how can one embrace oneself

if we’re constantly searching

looking up and down

backwards and forwards

while overlooking the obvious…

the source, the root…

the perfection is here, now

free from defects

we are made exactly right

exactly as we are supposed to be

i am

it is

we are


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