Product of your Environment

This statement of being a “product of your environment” I thought was a wide overstatement as I was entering my young adult years. However, the more I have experienced and the more I realize that I am different from others, the more I realize how much I am a product of my environment. We all are, regardless of how much we try to rebel against it. The people around us, the things around us, the city or town, the neighborhood, everything is considered our environment. Of course it effects us, it effects us dramatically. It is something that should not be underestimated either. Instead embrace that fact.

It also makes me realize how important it is that you choose the right place for you in life. The right town and the right everything for you. You have that choice, it is something that an American can choose, so never overlook that. Freedom is priceless and we do have freedom and the attitude to pick up and go where we choose. To follow our bliss to the extreme if we choose. It is all a choice… So become the best product of the best environment, right?

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