Trusting Your Instinct: People

Living in another country I have realized how different the American culture is versus the Brazilian culture even though at times the book may look familiar on the outside. The story is inevitably going to read differently as each chapter progresses. We can never know how such chapters progress until we get the opportunity to be told the story, regardless the setting will always be a bit different from the Brazilian standpoint.

The best way to get around this, is to use your instinct. To be open, yet aware and try to look at the situation, the person and the scene in an honest light. I think the feel that you get from a person is unique, however, when you feel that it might be bad, that there may be an alterior motive, be extra aware and take care. It would be nice to avoid all people like that, but unfortunately there are always times at one point or another when those people come into our lives. It is up to me to determine where they will be in my life, and more likely than not they will not be a part of my inner circle.  

Trust only those who are deserving of my trust is a hard lesson that I have had to learn. Not every deserves such a priveledge to be a part of another person’s life so choose wisely and hold to it. You don’t have to let everyone in, and you certainly do not have to treat them as they are all equal, because they are not. Characteristics are different, people are different and you must look deeper to figure out where they belong in it all or where they do not belong. Sometimes it is easier to figure out the latter of the two. 😉

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