Money has a Price

Here’s your very own

platinum card – 

the keys to the kingdom. 

We won’t say it aloud

as we’re a family quite proud

but it’s time for you

to play along

to dance around

and sing a sweet song

to smile and wave

at the events uptown. 

Don’t talk to the maids anymore

and if you cry – shut the door

and when you come out

be ready to talk about

traveling to other countries

or to just listen I should say

about the newest trip planned today.

You’ll hear the same stories

every single time

of traveling bags and empty minds

while listening to jazz

and drinking imported red wine. 

Act interested in those

at “The Club” 

laugh with those in the hot tub. 

They say this is the life

but it surely has a price. 

Unfortunately for them

as much as they would try to entice

I could never be bought

as for me freedom has no price.

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