The well of emotion

So I’ve come to realise that every time I experience a really strong emotion, it’s like it activates a deeper well within me that houses that same emotion. I felt this when I was grieving over my father, it was like a wave of all the grief I have ever felt came rushing in, not just for my father.

Most recently, the well of emotion has been about frustration and the feeling of helplessness. I have that feeling about not being able to save the farm and I currently do not have the resources to buy the property to help with everything, and I must accept this, however, the feeling of limitation is so very strong. I noticed that it’s the same helpless feeling I had after having my baby and he was in the NICU. I couldn’t do anything about it, I just had to focus on healing myself, and trust that everything was going to be okay, and I know that it did end up that way as he is 18 months old now and flourishing. It’s that same feeling of limitation that I have felt about not getting my permanent residency after all this time. It’s the same feeling of limitation and frustration of having to be in the hospital prior to bub arriving and having to just surrender to taking medication because I was in so much pain. It’s all the same feeling that things are out of my control and it causes tremendous frustration.

Since I know this is all the same emotion, and I know I am experiencing this emotion, I am not the emotion, but I have the emotion, yet for some reason I still have a hard time rising above it all. My higher self knows that it shall pass and to trust the process, yet my human self has been getting all worked up and now feels rather emotionally raw.

If all emotions spring up from a well that has been created before them, then all emotions likely boil down to just a handful, even though the streams may seem like they are different, they all come from the same source. Now how can I use this information to help myself. Also how can I use this information to help others as well? How can I make it clear that it’s just a pattern, a well of emotions and it’s okay to have them, just realise that I am experiencing them not that I am them.