Whatever Helps You

Thinking about how some people get right into religion, or astrology, or science, to me it’s all the same. Some choose to make television and media their form of religion, something that they devote their time and attention to. To me, all of this is the same. It’s all something that takes you mind off of things, or helps your mind focus on other things, which in turn help you through your day, and your life. This is totally fine. I really think that we have the luxury of choosing what we spend our time on these days and all in all, it doesn’t really matter what you choose, AS LONG AS it doesn’t harm yourself or others.

When I started learning about astrology, I got right into it. I was in a space where I was broken, and really needed to take my mind off things. In turn, it helped me to understand the human condition much more, which helped me help myself and also helped me to understand others better. I think this is great. I may not follow it as closely as I did before, but it’s exactly what I needed at the time. I needed to focus my attention on something else that interested me so that I could continue healing my body, my mind and my spirit after the head on collision, a la divine intervention.

Not everyone has to go through such a major upheaval and trauma like I did, however, every one has the stuff they need to work through, and I think it’s perfectly alright if they latch on to something that helps them help themselves in the process.