There’s a Baby In There

Last night as I lay in bed, I could actually feel the baby growing inside of me. I was on my back and it was clear that in one portion of my abdomen that there was something there, a semi-hard lump and it made me speechless.

I’ve been wanting to feel the baby move or something to let me know that it’s in there and for some reason I wasn’t expecting to be able to feel it with my hand before feeling it from inside, it took me by surprise. I’m just past 16 weeks now and in the past week I have grown a lot! It feels great and I’m so excited about this process!

Naturally I shared this experience with my husband and he felt it too. I’d like to think he was also as excited but he isn’t as free with words and emotions as I am at times. Although, funnily, this morning my sweater was so stretched that it was obvious that I am pregnant and I told him, look, this is all real! He laughed and was like, oh and the ultrasounds and the morning sickness didn’t make you realise? Funny enough, the visual image is what makes it feel very very real. Oh how I LOVE my body too! 🙂