Loving My Pregnant Body

I cannot even begin to express the amount of adoration I have for my own body as it’s growing this human being inside of me. I LOVE the new curves I have, I LOVE the way that my belly is changing, I LOVE that my body is able to do all of this! I am in complete and utter awe that my human body is even capable of this and to witness it changing shape and growing, literally growing, is absolutely amazing. I truly am in awe.

After my shower this afternoon I decided to lather on some coconut oil to combat the dryness of winter here in Australia. Thankfully it isn’t too cold so I just air dried my body and watched how the winter’s sun came in through the window and illuminated my growing belly, I was glowing! All of the feminine goodness that I am right now is so very attractive to me! I love it. I absolutely love it.

What a gift and blessing to be able to experience this. I feel incredibly grateful.