Law of Attraction Life Upgrade

Using Law of Attraction, the idea that like attracts like, is a key theme and way I have been able to upgrade my life again and again. Even before I had heard the words or the term law of attraction, it is what I was doing. It has been proved that our brains are plastic and can be reprogrammed and rewired by new habits. Those new habits can be real or imaginary because it takes place in the mind.

Countless business, psychology, and self help books all describe that in order to create change, you have to visual it first. Visualise each step and hold that in your mind and it will become that. Also I know firsthand that if you have contradictory thoughts, they will also emerge because the mind does not discriminate, it produces what is in there, even if you think it’s something that you don’t want, it is still holding space with the want.

Some key aspects of visualisation include relaxing, breathing deeply and allowing the mind to day dream. This can also be done using a guided visualisation meditation process as well. Another way is to write out in detail what is going to happen and to imagine it as clearly as possible, with all the details from all senses. What does it look like? what does it sound like? how does it smell? Can you taste anything particular? Overall by enlisting all of the senses, it brings the vision into a fuller image, into an almost tangible thing, and most importantly it produces a feeling. That feeling is going to be something to hold onto as feelings are like wood to a fire, they help it burn bright and help the transfer from what is in your mind to what is in front of you to actually happen.

This very simple process is applicable to all areas of life. The next key is to support it with thoughts and phrases that help you remember. They can be something like “I am healthy and strong” or “I am loveable and loving”. I find it best if you use very active “I Am” statements as over time when you repeat these, even if it feels unfamiliar at first, a time will come when a switch happens, and you can hear the conviction in your own voice because you now own that statement about yourself.

Another very key aspect to upgrading your life through law of attraction, after visualising, creating a clear picture, creating a supporting statement or mantra, is to also create actions and habits that support your goal. It doesn’t matter how much wishing you do, the most powerful part is in the doing. It always is, you have to show to yourself that you are doing what you know will get you to your goal. This way holistically you are supporting yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally to get to where you want and need to go to upgrade your life.

These habits of action need to be implemented in small pieces so that it’s easier to keep them going. If you do a cause and effect kind of habit, where if I am doing A then I do B next. An example would be every time I use the toilet, I write something I am grateful for in my gratitude journal that is in the bathroom. Another example is every morning when I get up I take a moment to feel appreciation for the sleep I had (regardless of how much I actually got), I then put both feet out of bed at the same time and get up standing strong and into a stretch before moving forward with my day. These habits will support your efforts and make the process of you moving towards your goal much easier.

Also celebrating the accomplishments you have made along the way is so major. This is something that I have had to work on. I have found that manifesting what I want in life to be pretty easy, but I then hurry along to the next part without properly taking the time to enjoy and revel in the fact that I have done a piece of the work along the way to the bigger project. Celebrating can be big or small. It can be taking time to read a chapter of a book you’ve been wanting. It can be buying yourself a little personal “way to go” or “thank you” gift which will help serve as a reminder when you look at it that you are indeed, on your way.

Upgrading your life is actually really easy, especially after you get the hang of it. You just have to do it with intention, clarity, and really support you and your efforts. You have to support you and the rest will all fall into place, I promise.