What If I Documented My Process with LOA?

It dawned on me today that I could show others how to action LOA for a lifestyle upgrade by actually documenting my own experience step by step, maybe even day by day at times. I know I have a very powerful way of manifesting and this way I can literally share all of what is happening. This way, other people can see how I am doing it, and in turn do it themselves and upgrade their own lifestyle. How incredible would it be if I was able to positively impact people, specifically women, to upgrade their lives and feel better along the way? How incredible would it be if I helped to raise the vibration amongst this group so they can be more productive and happy in their own lives? How incredible would this be?!

So many times in my life I have done things that later I read about by someone else and I’m always like, yeah, I did that like 10 years or 15 years ago, and I kind of chuckle at myself. I have intermittently written about my adventures or at least how I am feeling in journals, on scraps of paper, on coasters, on posters, here on my blog and online in social media posts. However, I have not consistently tracked what I have done when I am actually doing it. So maybe now is a great time for me to do this and serve as living proof about lifestyle upgrading and reinvention of oneself.

Wouldn’t that be so nice if I was able to simultaneously upgrade my own life, share my process with others, and they also do the same! Yes, this sounds like a great plan. How do I know? It makes me feel energised. How else do I know? My body feels a bit of butterflies in the stomach, but in a very good way, how exciting! How else do I know this is the right path for me? It’s something that I have been practicing for as long as I can remember, and I know it very well and have shared bits and pieces along the way with so many different people, and I enjoy the process of sharing it all. Cool. There it is, I will document my own process of using Law of Attraction to upgrade my own lifestyle and share it with others so they can also upgrade their own levels of happiness and lifestyle too!